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18 July 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Beijing (14)

A sea of DVDs for sale. About $1.20 each. These stores are literally everywhere.
Because of this, I've become quite a movie buff lately and filled up a whole booklet so far. Tonight I will watch The War of the Worlds and The Longest Yard while chomping down on some dry squid that I picked up at the Korean mart. Thank God for living in Korea Town by the way. I thought my stomach would never get better, seriously. Almost 3 full weeks of the Chinese runs. But finally, after only a few days of Korean juk (porridge) and no meat or Chinese food I am back to my old solid self again. Never thought I'd be so happy to see a big turd before. That juk works miracles. That's the downside about the food here. It's delicious but it's full of bacteria us westerners aren't used too. Even Jake, after a year and a half still gets the runs often. Leaving unflushable floating vegetables in the toilet has become, well, a way of life...

In other news, Jake left for America for his 6 week vacation today, so I have his place all to myself. Nice and quiet. Nice and cool, too. His knock off Samsung standing air conditioner works like the real thing, except it only cost him $180. It must have been 95 degrees out there again today and 100% humidity. Just standing still, waiting for the car to come to take Jake to the airport we were sweating heavily.

I know the updates have been few and far between, but I have been plugging away at the e-book at least. It's just too much stuff to post here about China for a Korea blog and besides the Korean mart and some food there's not a lot Korean I can write about. I may have to start a new blog all together. Some news about that coming very soon. Hang in there and thanks as always for reading...


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