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26 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Bachelor's Dinner

I really need to hire an ajumma, buy a cookbook, or get married to someone who can cook well. Look at what I'm about to eat: beans, anchovies, seaweed, ham, rice, kimchi, and milk. What a delicious combination. Ugh! Also, now that my computer is on my desk, I'm stuck eating dinner on the floor. I need a small table, but that's not so easy to get when you live in a small town and use public transportation.

This kimchi is incredibly delicious. One of my adult students gave it to me. Most people make their kimchi this time of year. I have to get a picture of the pile of cabbage in front of the local store. It's huge!

Not that long ago the site of people eating anchovies grossed me out. One day I gave one a try and I liked it. Now I eat them all the time, eyes and all. It's amazing how much your appetite can change after living here so long. They taste great and are good for your health.


Amazing, after eating that rather bizarre combination of food, I thought I may end up in the bathroom for awhile. However, I'm pleased to report that it's several hours laters and I feel fine.


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