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6 May 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Korean English Story Books

It's time to see what the Korean teachers are teaching at the hagwon again. It's story time. Let's have a look:

A little bully (with the ever prevalent runny nose) gets a taste of his own medicine when he runs into this dubious gang of thugs. The gang looks more like an 80's glamour band than bunch of tough street kids. So that's what happened to Warrant! The weirdo with the pink hair, earring and preppie Polo-ish shirt looks oh so tough.

The Greedy Baker. He's afraid. He's very afraid. His fever won't go down and he's got to make donuts in the morning. SARS!

Here's a friendly old grandmother cooking up some nice fresh wolf soup for dinner. There's some confusion about who is smart. Neither one of them looks too smart to me.

Lovely artwork. Another ugly kid with a mucus problem. I love how the old bowl has been stitched up. Even though the water has bug-eyed worms in it, the kid drinks it and gets sick. You can guess the lines: The boy is sick. The boy is very sick. All these books use the same sentence structure causing the students to say things all day like, "Teacher, I am hungry. Very hungry. Very, very, very hungry. Teacher you are bad. Very, very, very bad teacher. Game, teacher. Very, very very, let's game."

All the books are published of course by the hagwon franchise I work for. Every month the parents have to pay 5 -10,000 won ($4-8) for a new one. "Thank you, Mom! Very thank you Mom. Good book. Very good book. Very hungry mom. Very, very food please."


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