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29 May 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Gangnam (1)

Here is the first post of three from my second day in Gangnam. I took all these while I was walking to work.

Some nicer cars in this area...here's some kind of roadster BMW thats always parked here...looks like that "sports" massage place is doing quite well.

Or maybe he's the owner of this octopus restaurant next door. Restaurants always have cutesy cartoon characters of the specialty on display. Awe, it's so cute that I just have eat it.

One thing about this area, there are lots and lots of hip new restaurants to try out. Here's a Japanese style place. I love Korean-Japanese food.

I'm not sure about this soup restaurant. Look at the first picture on top. There's a big fish head with the eyes still in it. Mmm...

This Irish bar down the street serves Guiness, as you can see. Too bad it's 12,000 won ($12) per pint. I like Guiness and all, but that's ridiculous.

It's been over 6 months since I've eaten fast food (besides Subway). Up until a few years ago, I used to be a junkie - especially when I lived on my own in America. Even in Korea I ate it a lot. Even though it never made me fat, it's still unhealthy. And after reading Fast Food Nation and watching Supersize Me, I made a vow to stop eating it for one year and to tell you the truth I haven't missed it at all. In America, part of the problem is that besides fast food, there are not many things to eat on the go that are cheap and healthy. In Korea you can eat so many healthy foods under $5. Still, whenever I see this strategically placed banner for a $3 lunchtime Big Mac set, the old craving comes back.

The street vendors are setting up for a long day selling o-daeng and deokbokki.

It looks like Manhatten in this area. Even the brainwashing is westernized...

A business man checks the newspapers at a kiosk...

And another, less fortunate soul, crawls down the road begging for change. I've never understood this style of begging. It's weird and creepy, but it's better than someone walking up to you and harrassing you as they often do in NY.


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