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31 May 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Gangnam (2)

A nice little place to eat a freshly made donut on the way to work.

I can't remember the last time I had a coffee at this place. While I prefer The Coffee Bean, I usually just have a free cup of Korean coffee at my school.

Here I am at Gangnam Station finally. It's about a 10 minute walk from John's pad.

I took these pics after work that day. These are kids playing outside the school. Almost all schools in Korea have a dirt playing field for soccer. I don't know why us Americans don't play soccer more in public schools. It beats standing in the outfield chasing foul balls for exercise.

A shot of the school. My classroom is on the second floor in the front.

Ally's been working hard on preparing for our "open class" so I treated her to a quick dinner at a "bun shik jeom" (Korean fast food joint). I got mandu (dumpling) soup and she got some kind of bibim bap (mixed vegetables and rice) minus the rice. I get along with her much better than Cathy, but I still would prefer not having an assistant.

At night Gangnam speeds up. You can see the crowds of people on the street.
All of those vendors get really busy when the sun goes down.

Just thought I'd throw in this shot of the Samsung 1GB "Yepp" player I picked up tonight in Yongsan for 250,000 won. I almost went with an iPod Mini, but the harddrive MP3 players are just too big for my taste. Also, I prefer a simple drag-and-drop interface rather than having to use iTunes. This thing also sounds much better, in my opinion, louder with more bass, and comes with a rechargeable AAA battery and charger and a case. I can't put the thing down, to be honest.


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