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2 August 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Beijing (15)

Here are some more of the pics I was too lazy to post last night as well as a sneak peak shot of the e-book I'm working on slowly but surely. It will feature lots and lots of photos and the usual inegenious commentary.

Now it's off to the visa center and over to Roline's place and then to her health club for some exercise and swimming again. Looks like I will be free until the beginning of September. Jake is working on getting me in at his Korean international school which has a nice schedule (9-2) and pays in US dollars. There's also a Korean hagwon down the street someone at my health club referred me to, as he is friends with the owner. I went there last week and they were surprised with all the experience I have and that I could speak Korean - they really got a kick out of that. They want me to work there from next week, but I told them I have to wait a bit to see what happens with this other job. Anyway, seems it won't be a problem getting a decent job/pay in this area. If all else fails, Jake says it will be easy to get a lot of private students. There are literally thousands and thousands of Koreans around here.

Oh, some people have been expressing that it may be too soon for me to jump into another relationship or at least too soon to talk about it online after Julie. Well, I don't see what the point is moping around or hiding. Our break up was a long time coming and on a mutual basis. I, at least, harbor no ill feelings at all and wish her true happiness. I am all but sure she doesn't read this blog anymore and last I knew she moved on with her life and met someone else, too. We just weren't meant for each other and that's that.

There's no need to worry about me either. I not only have a new girlfriend, but I also have many other things going for me, including many new friends. I pay rent now and so this is half my place. I'm studying Chinese, playing guitar a lot, writing and exercising and I also have those job prospects. I'm taking it easy for awhile in the meantime. Why not? Everyone should. Life is good and I welcome change. That's how I ended up in Korea in the first place. I don't have any regrets and I think I have a good spirit and outlook on things. I am happy with myself and with my life.


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