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9 March 2005
South Korean Flag

KLB - Three Witnesses

Today I went into work to find three women standing in the back of the room. They're from another program and watched my classes. I just love how almost every week someone or other comes in to watch me all day. However, it's getting so that I'm so used to this that it barely bothers me anymore. I just smiled and introduced myself then went about the usual teaching routine. I didn't even cringe when Cathy started taking pictures of me.

Afterward the women told me how handsome I am and how kind I am to the kids - so it wasn't so bad. I'm going to get an ego working at this school.

Good news on one front: I emailed Bonnie and she called and said I don't have to write the report cards again. She didn't know we just did them two weeks ago, because - guess why? Cathy didn't bother to tell her. I guess when Bonnie had told her we should write them, Cathy simply agreed without mentioning that we just did them two weeks ago. Bonnie thanked me for telling her.

Julie and I had a nice dinner at TGIF tonight. We go there about once every three or four months, I guess. And every time we leave there I think about how I could have eaten big meals like that on a regular basis when I lived in New York. The food seems so big and we felt completely stuffed. She's about ready to fall asleep now and I'm about ready to flip on the Xbox.

Oh, I forgot to mention that a couple of us bloggers will be doing an interview for Seoul Magazine this weekend. According to Julie, who handled the phone call, we will be getting our photos taken somewhere on Saturday and will be featured on the cover of the next issue. I know one of the other guys is this year's third place winner for best Korea blog, Mr. Swiss James, over at Lost Bowls. I'm pretty sure that, according to traditon, the third place winner is required to buy dinner and lots of beer for the first place winner and his girlfriend and then put on hanbok and bow three times before handing over the prizes (digital camera and mp3 player). I'm not sure if he's aware of that yet though. Somebody better tell him quickly.


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