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11 March 2005
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KLB - Friday...Finally

Finally it's Friday and the weekend is here. Too bad the weather turned cold again. Not a lot to report on, really - as you can already tell by my reference to the weather. I'm waiting for Julie to come home so we can go out and eat some kalbi or sam gyeop sal or something. We may or may not go out afterward. I don't want to have a hangover tomorrow when I go to have my photos taken for Seoul Magazine. I look horrible enough as it is in pictures (but super handsome and cool in real life, of course).

Speaking of photos, my sister got her camera today, or I should say last night. Only I can do something so stupid as to have it sent to her previous address, which Amazon.com had kept on file from when I ordered her some books and toys for her kids. The UPS tracking said it had been delivered yesterday, exactly on her birthday...which would have been perfect, doh. I just realized what happened today when we were trying to figure out where it was. She didn't know what I got her either. I had told her to be on the look out for a gift in the mail, but kept downplaying what it was. But when I realized what happened I had to tell her. So, at 10PM her time, she trekked all the way across town to her old house. Sure enough the package was sitting right there on her old doorstep (apparently you don't have to sign for UPS ground packages anymore?), outside right by the sidewalk. Anyone could have taken it, but luckily nobody did. Turns out nobody is living in the house yet. Once she figures out how to use it, hopefully I can get some photos of my niece and nephew and shots from around exciting Watertown, NY. Won't that be a treat!

Well, I've been sitting and staring at the screen for the last 10 minutes trying to figure out what else to write about. Work has been pretty ordinary. I kind of miss the days when I'd come home heated and worked up over something, but everything seems to have mellowed out since I said I'd quit. Nobody bothers me lately. Cathy seems to have really calmed down finally. Who knows what's to come, but for now it's been nice.

The kids are as cute as ever - especially those little girls. I feel like a rock star the way they follow me around. Damn cute. I hate to say it, but when I have kids - I'll be somewhat disappointed if I don't have a girl. Maybe it runs in my family. My father was always closer to my sister than me, except when it came to sports and fishing. My mother ways preferred me over my sister, and with good reason. My sister was a handful growing up compared to me - and my father was at work most of the time so he didn't get that part of her. I was always very shy and quiet.

Anyway, I'm kind of looking forward to the new class I have starting next Wendesday. At that time the kids will be in the appropriate levels again and we're getting real books again finally too. I've ignored the new "books" all I can and stretched the English Time books as far as they will go. That's not such a bad thing, though. I've learned it's better to use one book for a very long time. They know all the material inside and out and probably won't forget what they've learned as they would if I hurried through the series. It still amazes me how much they have retained. Of course the most important thing I've taught has been phonics. It's a nice feeling when your students can read because of you. I never thought I'd care about something like that, but I do. All this talk about loving kids and being a good teacher - yikes! What's happening to me suddenly? I guess I'm growing up. Well, time to get off the computer and play some Xbox games. Gonna watch The Smurfs DVDs later too. Whoo hoo!


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