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25 December 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Xmas Pix

Julie bought this nice new watch for me for Xmas. I've needed one since my Timex broke 6 years ago.

I must have spent 2 hours searching for what to get Julie. I started by looking at makeup and jewelry, but the very second you stop to look at anything 3 saleswomen close in on you. That really bugs me. The next stop was the bookstore. I wanted to by her Sex and the City, but they only carry it in English. I asked for a gift card, I think they are called that in Korean (gipu cadu) but the manager kept pointing at the Christmas cards, so I gave up. Finally I ended up in Julie's favorite houseware store and picked up a couple of nice sets. She loves organization and we really needed these. I felt bad buying her these things, but she literally freaked out when she saw them. A happy freaked out, that is. Gargamel, on the other hand, was a little dissapointed.

Last night, during and after dinner we both had much too much wine (Julie had a whole cup - which to her is like what drinking 2 bottles is to an average Joe) and we started dancing to corny Christmas songs. I particularly like Last Christmas by George Michael. By the end of the night, I started singing it. Julie keeps reminding me how silly I was last night. Damn her memory!

Here's drunken Julie in her little dress she bought when she went to Shanghai, China last year. I made her put it on. I forgot to play China Girl, by David Bowie, as planned though. Rats. A long time fantasy goes unfulfilled again.

I really miss my family this time of year, but I did get to talk to them online for over an hour so it wasn't too bad. The nice dinner and music really made a difference too.

You, my readers have also given me a nice gift. Thanks for all the best blog votes. I was surprised just now to see I'm in first place again! I was down by quite a few the other day. I think the voting ends the last day of the year (would make sense) but I'm not sure.

Julie's taking me out to a special Christmas dinner across the street somewhere in Hyundai Department store (Department Stores in Korea are like shopping malls). I guess I can bring my camera so stay tuned for more posts. Merry Christmas.


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