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24 December 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Christmas Eve Dinner

Julie came home to a surprise Christmas Eve dinner last night.

My wallet is empty but this is going to be a great dinner. It's Christmas Eve, after all, and I'm excited about surprising her.

Mmmm, that looks good. I cooked the vegetables and shrimp in wine.

Steak is extremely expensive in Korea, as it's usually imported, though my grandfather tells me it's getting high in America too (along with everything else). These pieces came from Australia and, though a little small, they were perfect, tender and delicious. There are actually two different kids sizzling here. I'm not sure about the difference because they both were labled "premium loin".

Almost ready. I put everything in together and added more wine and let it cook a bit more. Julie's in the bathroom putting on a special little dress. Can you believe she was going to wear shorts and an old T-shirt for this meal?

I'm no cook, but this meal really did come out so nice. The Charddonay went very well with it. To think that some people get to eat like this every day. But for us it probably tasted so much better. It was a real treat.


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