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25 December 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Here are some drawings the kids made this week.

This is a sample of the Christmas card's we did. Most of them were really cute and came out nice, but they took them home to their parents before I thought to take pictures. This kid was absent today so I brought it home. It's also done wrong anyway, since when folded, half the pics will be upside down. Anyway, cute santa.

A couple more leftover pieces I found in the pile of used paper on my desk.

This card is so touching. I almost cried when I read it. Almost.

It basically says, Shawn teacher is the best teacher in the whole world. And the most handsome and kind and funny person ever. It doesn't really say that, of course. It's addressed to both Cathy and I and says she's sorry for making trouble and talking too much in class - which I thought was odd because she is always good. She's adorable and one of my favorite students. The card ends with her saying, "I love you." Awe...someone's getting an A.

Ah, I just found this picture of her. She's the one in the green shirt:

Here are a few bonus, non-Christmas related drawings from earlier in the semester. I just love kids' drawings. Remind me to bring my camera to work again because most of the good ones are on Cathy's display boards.

If you ever teach little kids, make it a point to have them draw animals.

I was, she was, you was, we all was! That guy on the bottom left is supposed to be me by the way. Notice the big nose. At least I look pretty big and strong.

They had to make some pictures for their story books. This is a sample from Class B: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. I can't even draw this well. Actually I can't even draw at all. The kids are always laugh at me when I draw something on the board.


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