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26 December 2004
South Korean Flag

KLB - Christmas Lunch

All the restaurants at the department store were jam packed yesterday, Christmas Day, so we ended up walking down to TGIFs. Neither of us particularly like the place, but it's one of those places you go in Korea on special days. And it turned out to be pretty good.

All of the waiters and waitresses were dressed in these Santa-Wannabe suits.

Because it was so crowded here as well, we decided to sit up at the bar. A decision that soon paid off dearly. The bartender, a really nice guy who, all alone, was very busy making all the drinks for the entire place, came over to us with 2 free draft beers (normally 4,000 won each). He had made some kind of mistake on someone's drink order. Since he couldn't just bring over one beer, he made the second for us too. And since Julie doesn't drink (Christmas was a rare exception), I ended up with both of them. Yah! My opinion about TGIFs has changed radically. I love it there!

Here they are. Normally a rip off at 4,000 won (most places around here charge 2,000), but a real steal for free.

Complimentary nachos. I don't get it, but hey why not. Julie liked them.

Julie ordered the chicken quesadillas. They were really good. Especially with the free beer.

I don't know why I got this again. It looks a lot better than it tastes. I just really wanted a western style burger. It wasn't awful, but it's too big (yes I've been in Korea too long) and greasy and hard to eat. At least I had some free beer to wash it down with. That'll make anything taste good.

Did I mention free beer. I'll say it again, two free ice cold beers. FREE!

The watch Julie gave me was very nice. However, I've been so used to not wearing one for the last few months that I forgot how nice it is not to have anything on your wrist. (The bit about my Timex breaking 6 years ago was a joke - it broke a few months ago). I also don't need one here since I carry a cell phone everywhere which displays the time. As I said, the watch looked very sharp but was thick and rested right against my wrist bone. So, we talked about it and decided to go have a look at least at other models. Then we just decided to return it.

The only thing I really needed (besides the new smurf figures and Season 1 DVD) was a pair of sneakers. As you know, finding a pair that fits me has been a real hassle. We tried all the name brand stores and finally, at the last place, we found this nice pair of Reebok sneakers. I like the styles this year. They're pretty much a cross between shoes and sneakers, meaning I can wear them out and about and also to work. That's good for me as I travel so far and long to get to my job. I'm very happy with my gift. Thanks, Julie!


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