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26 December 2004
South Korean Flag


By popular demand, Julie has now added a few DVDs to her store. Unfortunately because of a few factors they are a little pricey, but still not too bad. This is because we can't buy them in quantity as we're not sure if people will buy them. Also, Korean DVDs, especially popular ones, almost always come as deluxe multi-disk sets, meaning they are nicely packaged and heavy. However, if you're looking to see a new kind of movie these are some good ones you might like. My personal favorite is The Good Lawyer's Wife.

You also can trust that we will package them well and get them in the mail right after your order. Delivery times have been averaging just 5-10 days, so it's not that bad of a wait. Thank you for all the e-mails everyone.

Click here to see what's available:


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