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28 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Songnae Night

Here's a few shots from last night. It's been a pretty slow holiday. After walking around aimlessly for awhile, John, Julie and I did at least go out and have some good food at an anju (food served with beer) bar and a pitcher of ice cold beer. By that time we were sick of taking photos and left the camera at home. Oh well, just imagine the three of us laughing and eating food and drinking beer.

This ajumma and ajushi night club has a lot of lights. When I first saw "7.8F" I thought, wow, they're pretty exact as to where they are in the building. Now I'm guessing that means it's on two floors.

Here it is from another angle. This whole area down the road from us is flooded with lights, music and entertainment.


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