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28 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Great Theater, Bad Movies

This theater in Save Zone is great because it's nice and new and never crowded. As you can see, it's empty now. The entire upstairs is always dead, and not just during holidays. That Popeye's Chicken gets a few customers but the Subway Sandwich down the hall is always empty. We're worried it will go out of business. It's the only one around here.

Here's Julie looking over a selection of movie promotional fliers. We were considering seeing a movie last night, but as usual nothing good is playing. I am picky about movies, though.

This may be an old movie because this billboard has been here forever, but this is why I'm picky and don't go to see many movies these days. What is this crap they're making in Hollywood? As I said in the previous post, we ended up getting beer and anju instead.


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