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7 September 2004
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Korea Life Blog - The Job...

Woke up with a sore throat and made my way the 75 minute trek (bus, subway, then another bus) to my job through a torrential downpour that eased off moments after I entered the classroom, drenched.

Later, I had some miscommunication with my assistant who I realize can't speak English all that well. Basically she went to the agency's office and they piled a load of paperwork on her and she relayed it to me after showing up minutes before class. And she didn't really know how to explain it all to me. Then she hands me some huge Thanksgiving theme packet I was supposed to teach today, I guess, but I already made a plan and the packet was made for kids in America...there was not a chance any of these kids would understand anything she gave me (all text information about the history of American Thanksgiving, a long, long text that must have been cut and pasted into the plan).

After that, she asked if I could come in the morning tomorrow (several hours before class) to make a monthly plan, and I said, "No, thanks." They pay me by the hour, which means I won't get paid if the kids don't have class. That is fine, but I won't be going in hours early to do paperwork off the clock. It'd be one thing if it was right across the street, but it's a hike. I told her I'd do it at home and to give me the file on disk so I can fill in the forms by typing. It's just for the school's records, not something I need to really follow to a T. They agreed - no big deal.

The rest of the day was fine. I figure once this first week is over, there'll be nothing to worry about. The only real downside is the travel distance. I get paid for the transportation, but the long hike, especially home when all the seats are taken, is more tiring than I anticipated...


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