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8 September 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Sick

The joys of teaching are beginning already. Whether it is a result of the change of seasons or of shaking hands with all the kids last Friday or a combination, I'm sick and I feel awful. It started with that sore throat on Monday and now it's progressed into something terrible. I just woke up from a two hour nap and will probably go back to sleep again soon. That 70's Show is on. I guess I'll watch it with Julie before going to back to bed. Note to self: Don't shake hands with germ infested kids.

Upsate: I took some medicine and feel quite a bit better (as if the whole world has been waiting to hear about my condition). Julie's been cleaning the apartment for the last few hours, the doll. I tend to pick things up and clean a little day to day. Julie likes to be a slob then suddenly clean everything all at once. (Shh, let's not interrupt her.) I'm going to lay back down and read. Current book: Don't Know Much About History. I've read this before and I still don't know very much about history. Maybe I should read a book about how to retain more of what I've read. I'm also reading Hitler's War (borrowed from JongnoGuru). It's very insightful and revealing but also very long and tedious. That's why I'm alternating between the two. Note to self: Pick up some new books. Any suggestions anyone?

Check out the donation page. Somebody donated today and also sent me a nice letter which I posted there.

The genorosity of people who support me and my website never ceases to astound me. I'm not just talking about people who make donations or people have bought my book either. That goes up and beyond all expectations. I read everyone's comments and e-mails and always appreciate when people take the time to share their thoughts. I make it a point to respond to everyone's e-mail, though it's not really easy to do the same in the comments part.

The letter and donation from CS, who lives in Besal, Swizerland, made my evening tonight. Time for sleep now, though. I'm beat. Maybe I'll bring my camera to work tomorrow and do a much-needed, genuine update (with photos) soon.


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