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4 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Fondue in the City

Kind of an odd name for "choco fondue." In the City. Could that be a subtle reference to Sex In the City, maybe? Looks like it. Who are these girls on the cover? I picked up a box just because it looked so funny. Look at that description. Are they telling me how they make the snack or telling me how to?
It says: "Combine sweetened cream of cocunut and 12 ounces chocolate in heavy large saucepan, Stir mixture over very low heat until chocolate melts and mixture is smooth." Thanks for the tip!

The packaging is too funny. Look, there in the sky! It's Choco Fondue!

They don't look like much, but they are surprisingly delicious. I guess I shouldn't make fun of the packaging and the name, since that's what caused me to make the purchase. Now I like the snack and will probably by more. Who's the dummy here?


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