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11 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Bye Bye, Poopy

Julie put an ad for the dog online, and at 9:30 this morning a guy called. He came and picked the dog up at 11:00. He says he has a house and a yard and two other dogs. I hope he does, but for all we know he saw a free dog and took it so he can re-sell it or whatever. I thought he was kind of rude. We brought the dog to him in the rain over by Hyundai Department store and the guy jumped out of the car, swooped up the dog, took the bag of food, pet shampoo, and toys we bought, said thank-you, hopped back in the car, zip, zoom, and that was that. Oh, well. We did our best for little Poopy (a fitting, temporary name, trust me) by rescuing him from the street and taking him to the vet for shots, giving him a total scrubbing, and just taking care of him. We spent a total of 100,000 won ($80) all together, but we don't feel bad. We learned a lesson, though. No dog bigger than a cat should live in an apartment.

Here are a few last photos of Poopy:


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