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10 September 2004
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Korea Life Blog - More Foreigners Arrested on Drug Charges

I swear I ain't been using no drugs!

I can never get over how stupid some foreigners are here. Another large group has been arrested (including several English teachers and a British professor) for buying and/or using marijuana. The Korea Herald had a better article about it in the paper a few days ago. They don't have it posted on their website, though. This is the only other reference I could find, and it's a very short one.

I just thought I'd send out a warning again to any users considering coming here: it's a good idea to leave your old habits at home. If you even have anything in your system, let alone have drugs on you, you can still get into big trouble. We're talking 30 days in a Korean jail, sharing a small cell with a gang of Korean felons, and then deported. And that's the penalty for simply failing a drug test. It doesn't matter if you used the drugs in Korea or before you came. Now imagine the penalty for actually having drugs on you. Forget seeing the sun for a long, long time. Now, on the other hand, if you like to get drunk out of your mind, then enjoy your stay in Korea.


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