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11 September 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Book Review

A review of my book can be found here: Trenchman.com

By the way, the third and final edition is now complete. The story itself is exactly the same, but the text has been edited by my friend at On-Time Office Solutions, Ltd., Seoul Korea. There are no more grammatical errors (let's hope!) and certain sentences, paragraphs, and word choices have been fixed up considerably. My apologies to those who have already purchased the first or second edition, but rest assured nothing major has changed with the plot. This has all been a valuable learning experience for me. Note to self: have next book edited BEFORE publishing.

Here is the link to the new edition: http://www.lulu.com/content/74463

To those who have already linked or put banners ads for my book on your site, don't worry, that link will be directed to this one.

One downside to this is that the book reviews don't transfer when you create a new edition. Three people took the time to leave a review of the second edition. To those people: thanks and my apologies. If you could login to Lulu and rewrite your reviews, I'd appreciate it. If not, no big deal and don't worry about it. Also, my sales ranking goes back to the bottom for now...I had gotten up to the top 200 range from the first sale when I stood at 5000. Oh, well.


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