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4 August 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Notebook Note

Julie and I went to Rodamco Plaza tonight across the street to eat frozen yogurt at the Red Mango franchise. Inside the plaza we passed a modern little shop selling unique notebooks with pages made from recycled paper. We picked up a couple despite knowing full well that after a week or less of scribbling in them, we'll probably get bored and throw them out the window. Happens every time, at least for mew anyway. I buy a notebook with the intention of keeping a daily journal. This goes well until I actually open it and stare at a blank page, scribble some ridiculous thing or other, throw my hands up in despair, then never use it again.

Here they are together. Mine is on the left, Julie's on the right.

Julie's is really practical, of course. Hers has a calendar and this daily planner where she can write down what we buy at the store and total the cost, a daily memo, and then a brief section for her thoughts (Shawn is wonderful, handsome, romantic, kind..etc.)

Mine is full of blank, recycled pages, environmentally friendly and waiting to be filled with the profound ramblings of a lazy oaf. I actually impressed myself by filling the first four pages with my thoughts about Cass Mania, an absurdly named bar nearby our apartment. Cass being the name of a watery Budweiser-ish beer. The ridiculous part was they served practically ever bottled beer and liquor except Cass, which was only available in a pitcher.


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