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7 August 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Computer Addict

Julie's busy preparing for her private tutoring lesson...hmm, I don't need to use the computer - there are plenty of things I can do.

Looking good. Wait until Julie sees me...what a lucky girl. Are my muscles turning to flab? Nah, couldn't be. No exercise = no problem!

When I wasn't looking, I secretly replaced the premium Walmart brand coffee with Foldgers crystals. Let's listen in: "Mmm, this coffee has a rich, full flavor. It reminds me of a cafe in Paris..."

Ouch! Aisheee! I'll get you mosquitos if it's the last thing I ever do!

Ah, finally back to updating my website, chatting to my friends and family, writing, checking e-mail, surfing the web, illegal downloading...


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