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9 August 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Library

It was a pretty uneventful weekend. However we did have a nice trip to the public library - the first time I've ever been to one here. It was very nice, actually, and they have a good selection of English books to read, even Korean historical comic books in English (almost every one features the inevitable them: a vigilante with super-human strength that goes around beating up crooks and thugs and avenging the wronged). It also has high powered air-conditioning and even a cafeteria.

Here's Julie at the bus stop avoiding the camera as usual.

Here she is again avoiding the camera. I love the added bonus of the ajumma there to the left. She's obviously enjoying the merry antics of a foreigner and his girlfriend.

Oh well, at least this nice hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) can't hide. I want that outfit actually. No, not the dress.

Here we are, 4 stops later, at the public library. It was Saturday around 3:00 and was jammed pack. I'm not sure if everyone was there to study or to escape the summer heat. Either way, we had trouble finding a place to sit. I didn't get many pictures of the inside because it was too quiet. Basically it looks like a library, lots of books and lightening fast computers with internet connection.

This surprised me. I have never seen a cafeteria in a library in America and now I wonder why. The prices were cheap and the food was surprisingly delicious.

Julie got U-dong for 2,000 won ($1.60). It tasted great, though admittedly you can't really mess up noodle soup.

Here's what I got for just 3,000 won ($2.40). Dwen jang chigae! I love this and so does Julie. As you can see, it was still boiling as it came out. Utterly fantastic! The side dishes were also good. We ate them and then Julie took them back for a free refill. At these prices, perhaps we should just come here every day for dinner.

We spent about three hours inside relaxing and reading. Unfortunately Julie needs to get some address document from city hall (next to our home at least) and a small photo in order to get a membership. Hopefully she'll do that soon. There were a lot of books I want to borrow.


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