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17 July 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Back from Japan

Well another successful visa trip to Japan is completed. This was the fifth one in a row. I've been leaving every three months and coming back without any hassle at all. I was a little nervous about it until my friend James told me he's done it 8 times now. However, watching the immigration official trying to find the right visa and the previous entry stamp in my passport is kind of nerve wracking. I'll probably get a real E-2 again, though the thought of signing a year contract again makes me even more nervous...

I'm working on the update in the Japan section today and should be posted later. Blogger just incorporated new features that are making me long even more for my blog to be unblocked in Korea. Now you can update your posts exactly as they will appear on your site. In other words, you write the HTML for the picture location and then the picture shows up automatically right in the post template and you can see it while you write the commentary. Because my pics are on the Blogger server though, the photos don't show up due to the block. Unless I upload them somewhere else like Photobucket.com and link to them, it's not very helpful to me right now. Instead I have to use the photos on my computer as a reference when updating, which is kind of a hassle...still much better than doing my own website from scratch.

While you're waiting to come along on my adventure to Japan, here's a sneak peak at Fukuoka from the ferry window.

I took a LOT of pictures on the train and ferry but 75% of them didn't come out very well because of the glass. That's too bad because the weather and scenery were absolutely beautiful, as you will see later...

Update: Finished the update. Click here to see it.


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