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13 July 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Sherry Yeogwan

Just wanted to give a quick recommendation for the cheap yeogwan motel I stayed in for a month before moving into the office-tel. It's located in the west of Seoul on line 1, Yeokgok station, exit 2 (6 stations from Sindorim). Take the stairway down and then walk directly behind the stairway. It's a street full of yeogwans. Sherry Yeogwan is about a block down. The price is 350,000 won (about $300) for a month. I already had Julie tell the owner I was going to add the info to my website so he'll be sure to give any foreigners that come in the same deal. The owner is a really nice guy and doesn't bother you at all. I had my aircon on for pretty much the whole month and he said nothing. Every room has a new 29" Samsung TV and VCR. Also they will clean your room whenever you leave them your key and you can do your laundry upstairs in the daytime. Great deal! Here's a picture of the place:


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