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8 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Drawing Time Again

Since the kids have been using the same three English books for 2 years, I don't know what I'd do without online handouts. They have been an enormous help. After a brief lesson in which the kids repeat some words, they have the rest of the class to write, draw, color, do puzzles, read their comic books, whatever. Let's see what we've been up to this week:

It's time to learn the months and seasons again. This worksheet is a wonderful activity and has gotten me through the entire week so far. Some kids in the past would, if given this sort of activity, draw something as quickly as possible and then shout "da haseyo!" (I've finished everything) They know now if they do that they will get no talent sticker and that their classmates will have more than them on "Talent Market Day." As you can see, the system works well. This example was drawn by one of my previously terrible students. Not too bad anymore. I especially like Fall. Looks like someone is having some trouble with that rake.

Another cute example. I don't know why these scenes make me feel good. I guess they bring back memories of being a kid myself. I want to make a snowman again and be that happy.

Compared to the boys, my girl students are angels. They're almost always quiet and never complain and they always draw the cutest pictures. Sometimes when I'm sitting there twiddling my thumbs watching them draw and color, I fantasize about having a daughter. There are a couple I've considered kidnapping back to America.

This one cracked me up. I'm not sure what's going on with winter and summer. Is the sun taking a dump? I like the fall scene too. That girl looks cool with her sunglasses and vampire coat. Sure is windy out there.

This is the activity sheet I used last week. They didn't have time to color because the follow-up word search puzzle was a little harder than usual and required more time. Nothing too special about this example, yet I like the watching TV scene. What is she watching? Is that kickboxing or Zombie High School Part 2? Also, they can be so creative when they draw. Look at the overhead shot of the swimmer.

There's always the kid who draws his friend as a horrible monster. It cracks me up because I'd be sure to do the same if I were a kid doing this. Classic example here. The best part is the portrait on the top left.


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