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11 April 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Fashion Fraud on the Bus

Now that the weather is getting nice again, been spending less time on the computer. Quite a few updates to come about this past weekend though and will add more to the Geoje-do story as well. For starters get a load of these shots of fashion fraud, live on the bus:

This guy sat down right next to Julie and I. We couldn't believe it. I cursed myself againing for not buying a smaller camera but was able to convince Julie to take his picture by pretending to photograph me. Even though it was extremely obvious, the guy didn't seem to notice. Not a bad pic, though it's a little hard to see his gelled up hair and ultra-groovy sunglasses. Using flash would have been just too obvious. Good work, nonetheless, Julie. Maybe you can be a KLB field reporter.

Oops, you forgot to get a shot of his shoes, try again. Another picture of me. Snap, snap...wow, nice shot of my arm, leg and bag - a true professional. Now that I see this picture again, I wouldn't mind a pair of shoes like that actually, hmm...

It was so funny I had to give it a try. This girl was standing way up front. While pretending to view old pics on the LCD display, I zoomed in and was able to get off this not-so-great shot. I must get a smaller, more secretive camera someday. I guess it's better than no shot though and you can see what I'm talking about as far as fashion this year. Those socks are hideous! Anytime, but especially with those shoes.


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