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12 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Weekend

It was an uneventful week. Now it's Friday! My long day finally finished. No more noisy kids until Monday. The Spring weather is really getting into their skin; they've much more hyper than usual.

Julie is on her way down, the poor girl. It takes her over two hours to get here and all I have to do is relax in my apartment and wait. I was gonna ask her to pick me up a beer, but thought better of it. I ended up going to the store. I'm going to make her Spaghetti. I also picked up a Korean DVD: Baramnan Kajok, which translates to something like family members cheating. The English name is totally different: The Good Lawyer's Wife.

You may recognize the controversial poster:

I love that all Korean movies on DVD have English subtitles. It's opened up a new world of movies for me. Unfortunately the Nowhere-dong video shop carries about 10 to choose from and this was the only one that seemed decent. I've been wanting to watch Memory of Murder, the story about the serial killings in Hwa Sung City some years ago. From what I heard each victim, all women, was raped and then strangled, the killer never caught. It still haunts people's minds to this day - everyone in Korea knows about it.

As I type, a dog is barking outside. It hasn't stopped for over an hour. I hope it's not going to be a regular thing. I still have nightmares about the dog that lived behind my apartment when I lived in Busan. In addition to the noise of the dog's owners who had screaming fights every night, the dog never stopped barking for a month, and it lived right outside my window fastened to a chain 24 hours/day in the middle of the winter. What thoughtful owners. Why have a dog if that's how you're going to treat it? No wonder ithe poor thing never shut up; it was probably freezing to death. One night I attempted to let it free, but it growled and probably would have bitten me. I was never so happy to move.

Tomorrow I will go with Julie to Seoul. She has a job interview and I'm going in for my second laser treatment to remove my tattoo. As the doctor said, it came back a little since the first treatment. However, I'm hoping it will only take 2 more visits and not a total of 5 as he said. The good thing is with each treatment the cost of the laser decreases. I started at 80,000 won (plus 30,000 consultation). Tomorrow's should be 60,000, the next 50,000 etc. I'm not sure if each visit requires the consultation fee, but I'm assuming it does. Anyway, it's all really worth it to me. I've been hating this tattoo for 10 years and am so happy it's almost gone.

Tomorrow night we are supposed to go out to Sinchon and Hongdae. I hope the weather stays nice.

Update: I was completely surprised by what a good movie that was. Julie too. A very powerful story and well done. Nothing like what I expected. My new favorite Korean movie.