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11 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - More Drawings

Last week's drawing lesson was such a success I printed out a similar activity for this week. I don't know what I'd do without handouts and word search puzzles from the net. The kids love them. Even the noisiest classes quiet right down when it's time to draw.

This kid again - more evil. I'm not exactly sure what's going there at the department store. That hospital looks more like the Hotel California.

I love the police scene. Is that a mask or a black guy, I'm not sure. Whoever it is, he's getting shot to death. Notice the kid begging for leniency from his teacher. Forget it! 10 whacks with the stick litte bastard!

Girls always draw the cutest pictures. Get aload of the overhead angle at the restaurant. I thought that was pretty creative. The chef is pretty funny too. What is he doing? Flipping pizza or going bowling?

Another girl. That is one well done example of a chef. I certainly can't draw that well. Check out Dr. Pig. That stethescope looks a little big.


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