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9 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Introducing Two New Sections

I've added two new sections today.

Readers Submissions - Finally a new place for your stories somehow related to Korea. These can be funny or interesting tidbits you have about living and/or teaching in Korea as a foreigner or gyopo. Koreans are welcome to contribute if they have had an amusing experience involving foreigners or better yet about their experiences living in a foreign country. Include a title and your name. Relevant photos are also welcome. In fact if you just have an amusing photo send it along with a couple of comments.

International Love - After seeing the results of the marriage poll I came up with this idea - a section dedicated to those who are involved in an international relationship (with Korea being one of those nations). If you're in this kind of relationship and you'd like to share your story and I will post it here. Stories can be about anything involving your relationship including cultural differences you've had, difficulties in adjusting to a new home if you moved abroad, the time you met the parents, your wedding, your honeymoon adventure in Siberia, whatever. This can even be about an awkward date you had or a relationship that lasted only a couple of days.

Only English will be accepted. (There's already a popular Korean forum for this here.) Also, if you read a particularly funny/interesting experience in Korean and have permission, please translate it and send it to me. Include names and photos if you'd like or you can remain anonymous of course.

All contributions should be sent to assakorea10@yahoo.com which I set up just for this reason. Stories can be as long or as short as you want them to be. Keep in mind however that most people don't like reading novels on the internet. A few paragraphs to several pages would be the ideal range. If you have your own blog, please feel free to send me one of your favorite posts and I'll reference the link back to your site.


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