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14 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Sunday

I'm in a PC bang with Julie in Sinchon. We met a bunch of foreigners off the English teacher's discussion forum last night. Julie was the only Korean girl there besides one guy's wife, so she ended up meet her friend and then we met up again later. I'm glad we did or else I probably would have stayed in Incheon with the gang and drunk too much. Instead of sleeping all day and feeling like crap with a hangover, I feel great. I got quite a few funny pictures and will post them later. Today's White Day and I made a beautiful poem for Julie which I read for her this morning:

You're like an angel from the Korean day
Roses and rainbows and all that.
Beautiful girl. Wow.

She really enjoyed it. I think she almost cried, she was so happy. Then we went for a romantic haejang guk lunch. The special day comes only once a year so I didn't mind paying for the meal.


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