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15 March 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Haejang Guk

Here it is, our special White Day lunch at the little restaurant just outside the yeogwan in Sinchon. There are two decent yeogwans right next to each other. The one we usually stay at is nice - there's a good selection of channels, a VCR, and the owner is really friendly. He doesn't care what time you check out the next day. The one next door is the same price but the rooms are much smaller, there's only about 5 channels and no video player, and the ajumma who runs it is a sour faced witch. She started banging on the door at 12:30 to kick us out. Anyway, it was a nice day, a romantic day, and after a wonderful morning poem Julie suggested haejang guk for lunch.

Here it is, mouth watering delight. Julie said the name implies it's good to eat if you have an upset stomach from drinking too much. While it's not usally popular with younger people, we both love it. I'm not really sure how to describe it. Like most Korean food it's salty and spicy. It has some kind of soft seaweed in it. The little dish up on the right is optional miniature shrimp in red salty sauce. Julie doesn't like it, but I think it balances off the soup nicely. There's not all that much to the meal, but you can't beat the price - just 2,500 won each. We were both full when we left. I wish they had a place like this in Nowhere-dong.

The best part is the self-service kimchi. Two kinds to choose from and no shortage. I must have eaten two dishes of each kind. While both were enjoyable, it's nice to have chongak kimchi (see the first pic) for a change. The delicious flavor erupts like a volcano in your mouth with each bite, boom! boom! pow!

A little more please, ajumma. Oops, that's Julie. Sorry about that.


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