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2 March 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Great Weekend

After a special, tender, "romantic" weekend with Julie, I feel refreshed and ready to keep on blogging. She went home this morning. The poor girl. She had to take a train for two hours to get to work. I was so tired, I could barely stay awake until she left. I'm sorry about that Julie. It won't happen again, I swear. (fingers crossed behind my back)

Now I'm at the hagwon. I walked in today and everyone was busy zip! zip! zoom! running around. Nobody said anything to me or asked about my long weekend. There were two new teachers there. Who are they? I had no idea. Finally I introduced myself. They are the new math teachers. My boss has started a math program.

Moments before my first class I was informed by a teacher all my classes are now 5 minutes longer than before, and all my break times shorter by the same. Why? Because 40 minutes isn't enough time to teach math, so all the English classes had to be extended to match the math schedule. What a wonderful feeling returning to work after a holiday.

I guess it wasn't that bad for me. Skip, who teaches English to the middle school kids, found out upon arriving that his classroom is now being used for math and his schedule has completely changed. The poor guy had to move all his stuff into the already overcrowded office. He went from having a nice spacious classroom to not having even a place to sit down. You should see him pacing around and shaking his head.

Well, because of the extra times, I'd better copy more games and puzzles. A little extra teaching time doesn't bother me that much but how hard would it be for my boss to say, "Shawn. Schedule change. Understand? OK?" and introduce me to the new staff...


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