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1 March 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Comments

The reason I haven't updated is because I'm losing interest. I have to check my site now 20xs a day to delete all the asinine/racist comments people have been leaving. I guess the Windy section has made Korean readers angry, but I figured that would be the case if I said anything negative. When I simply talked about how great the culture is - the food and the nightlife, etc., I rarely got a comment I had to delete. Now it's out of control.

If a foreigner says anything bad about a Korea, some Korean people will try and justify the culture and brush it off as the foreigner doesn't understand. Others will just call them a white pig. When I talk about Windy, it has nothing to do with her being Korean. It's simply the way I feel about the her as a person. And I don't need any more warnings about "What if she sees it?" Obviously I'm aware there's a risk. And I'm taking the risk for the sake of making the site a little more interesting than glorifying everything as if making an advertisement for Korea. You can get that on Arirang, where they showcase a foreigner life in Korea. "Oh, I love Korea. Everything is so wonderful here. Teaching is so interesting and exciting. I study Korean and I can make 6 kinds of kimchi. Oh, blah blah blah, sunshine and roses in Korea!"

Also, the "you get paid to teach her so shut your face" argument - I get paid to teach kids, and I only took the adult class as a favor to my boss for being kind to me. I don't have to like it. If you don't like how I feel, you don't have to read it. That's why I put it on a separate page.

If I continue on writing how I really feel, I'll have to disable the comments section. Otherwise I'll have to abandon the Windy section and go back to writing about happy things.

After that rant, I feel much better. Julie and I are going out again for traditional chung-guk jangand bu-chim-gae.


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