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4 January 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Jongro Cinecore Trip 4

Here are yet more pictures from around Jongro. Grab a beer and enjoy.

I love these massive collections of sticker pictures. I'm not sure who these people actually are. Did they give permission to be displayed? I tried to get Julie to go in, but she refused again. I want to put my sticker picture on letters to my friends back in the states.

A typical vendor cart for typical fast Korean foods such as o-daeng and dokbokki. Where's the actual vendor? Maybe asleep or ducking down and watching TV.

Another shot of a similar cart but here the vendor ajumma is in action. I wonder how much the actual cart costs. I can see myself out there selling kimchi tacos and beer, o-daeng, and copies of my much anticipated book.

Here are a couple more vendors out there in the Korean night. The mandu shop to the left is getting more and more popular. Julie and I couldn't remember seeing these before this year, now they are everywhere.

It's been a damn long time since I've had a sandwich. Julie wanted to eat dinner at Popeyes, but I suggested Subway.

Here's a quick shot from within the restaurant. It brought back memories from back home. A couple of girls from another restaurant are ordering subs. The Subway franchise in Korea is pretty similar to the one back home, except there's less a selection of bread and there's not nearly as much business. While I've seen endless advertising fort McD's, BK, and Pizza Hut, I haven't seen much for Subway...maybe they should step that up.

Here's out meal. Julie of course ordered half a sub: turkey. I ordered the Italian classic, full size for a full stomach. Yum! Julie's holding up the menu for everyone to see.

This was the first time in her life eating a Subway sub. She really liked it a lot. I tried but failed to get a picture of her happy face. We'll be eating there again someday.

Jongro at night. Lots of people, lots of things to do. I love the energy in the air.

Yet another shot. There's a lot of lights here - almost looks like Las Vegas. Here though are no casinos, only places to eat, singing rooms and bars.

All good things must come to end. After a fun-filled evening we head off on the subway. I have to get to Sadang to catch the last bus to Nowhere-dong. On the way we're treated to a classic performance by a Subway Salesman. At first I thought he was selling milk, which seemed quite weird. However, what he was selling was actually a plastic zipper for keeping food packaging sealed after opening. I probably would have bought one had I not been trying so hard to get a picture when he wasn't looking.

That's it for Jongro. I hope you enjoyed our trip. Stay tuned for a updates on my most recent trip to Seoul this past weekend.