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2 January 2004
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Jongro Cinecore Trip 3

Here are some more pictures from around Jongro.

An ajumma organizes handphone accessories in her porta-store. Can anyone set one of these stores up? Are they legal? Do you need a permit?

A nice shot here for once. The accessories are cute and everything and make nice gifts, but I don't want anything extra on my phone as I keep it in my front pants pocket. Most guys do. That's why I think handphone accessories are usually made for chicks who carry phones in their purses (or stuffed in their back pockets with the accessories hanging out). The only thing I would consider buying is a clear plastic handphone casing to keep the phone from getting scratched. I'd also buy a Gargamel accessory if they had one.

At first I thought this was an office building for American companies, but it turns out these are hagwon names. I wonder if royalties are being paid. Somehow I doubt it. I want to study at the National Geographic hagwon. My grandfather had a massive collection of the magazine in his basement. When I was a kid I'd go down and look through the African section for pictures of boobies. That lasted until I found my uncle's Playboy collection in the attic.

I love these little mandu porta-diners. There's nothing more pleasant to see in Seoul than steaming mandu on a cold winter day.

A kid watches the big screen on this movie promotion truck. Now, it's bad enough to be subjected to this kind of thing parked on a street, but it's much worse when it's driving around town and distracting already distracted drivers. Even more outrageous and funnier are the promotional girl trucks. Hot chicks dancing on a moving truck must be the most dangerous road hazard of all time, both for the girls and the general public.

A long line outside a TGIF. I don't know what the attraction is to this place is. Koreans love it. Maybe they don't really. Maybe they just think they do. Maybe girls want to go there because it looks cool and trendy, and maybe the guys want to impress their girlfriends. The food is average at best and the prices are high, especially with the extra (VAT) foreign restaurant tax. I guess I've been in Korea too long but I don't miss this style of food. And I don't want to contribute to the homogenizing of restaurants that has knocked out so many unique places to eat, especially in America. I'd much rather support a family owned place. I hope you feel the same.

Here's Julie looking in wonder at the ridiculously large Peppers 'N Garlic sign. What a name for a restaurant. Come to think of it, those two ingredients are found in pretty much every Korean food. The name is suddenly making my mouth water. I want to go back to Jongro and eat there! I'd much rather try this than a foreign franchise.

This is part of the English section in Youngpoong Bookstore located nearby in the Chonggak subway station. I prefer this place over Kyobo as it seems to have a better selection and it's less noisy and crowded.

Lots of materials for the ESL teacher as well. To the left is a Jenga styled Uno game and kids Monopoly. Hmm, I wonder how much class time I can kill with those.

I still have quite a few more pictures to post so see you again soon!