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6 January 2004
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Korea Life Blog - Shawn's Kimchi Chigae

Now that I've got a rice cooker and a bap sang table I've been ordering out less and less and experimenting in the kitchen more and more. Here is my kimchi chigae dinner I made tonight. It tastes even better than it looks (there are a few secret ingredients). Julie tried the batch I made last weekend and said it's the best she's ever had. I've got to admit, while I can't cook many dishes, I can make damn good chigaes. Yes, that's right, I'm eating it directly out of the pan because well, because I'm a bachelor and this is how I want to eat it. This pot-full made three meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner! Now, if I can learn how to make side dishes, that will be even better. In time...in time...


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