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12 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Rosanna Club

Here's a shot of one of those "red light rooms." I stealthily took out my camera and snapped it and trotted off before any thugs came out to smash me. It's not such an exciting picture as you can't actually see the girls, but you get the idea. Those doors are transparent so when you walk by you can see them all hanging out in there. There were at least ten behind each door. Usually you see these red light "clubs" clustered in certain areas, not just in a random location. This one is between a bar and a restaurant, something I found fairly amusing. Have some dinner, grab a few beers at the pub, then head on over to the Rosanna club. I just reread that sentence - sounds like some kind of lame country music lyric. Where's my banjo, Goober?


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