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14 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Sweet Motel

Here's the Sweet Motel. I thought I'd show you yet another example of a love motel, in case you haven't seen enough. I love these places actually. I didn't go in this one, but I've been to many in my three years in Korea. Sometimes they have heart shaped beds, mirrors on the ceilings, etc. Perhaps you can stay here after visiting the Roasanne Club nearby.

This motel even has a hair shop attached to it. Perhaps if you don't find your girl all that attractive you can bring her here for a little fix-up before you "sleep." Notice the car in the driveway, undoubtedly the motel owner's. It looks like the Hyundai version of a Mercedes. I swear every motel owner has a car like this. They get rich off the fact people live at home until they're married and have no place to shuck and jive.

I went up to Seoul today to Sadang, Dongdae-mun and Haewha and got a great load of new pictures to comment on this week. Stay tuned! Also check the Geoje-do part 5 section - things are moving along slowly but surely there.


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