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10 December 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Oh boy! They're Going to Cook Me! Oink Oink!

Here are some more restaurant signs featuring the "happy" animals served on the menu. I took all of these in Gumjeong. While the concept works in Korea, it would never go over back in the states or any western country for that matter.

A cow and a pig. First, why are they yellow? And second, why do they look so happy? I know! - they're excited about being able to make you happy while you eat them.

Here's a sign for an eel restaurant. There seems to be a lot of these restaurants around. Does that creature on the sign really look appetizing? Does it even look like an eel?

Great, you can eat the 3 little pigs in this restaurant. Are they actually wearing aprons? Are they going to cook themselves?

Those pigs look surprisingly happy to be cooking alive inside that pot. Seems a little peculiar, the design. I think that's a blue Chinese character on the pot, but it looks like the pigs have blue arms and legs and are hugging each other.


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