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12 November 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Playstation 2 Bang

There's yeat another kind of bang emerging on the scene: the Playstation 2 bang. The only place I've ever seen them is in Sinchon, one of the popular nightlife districts, but I'm guessing there are more of them elsewhere. They're another place for young people to calm the stresses and woes of daily life and/ or a great, cheap place to take your date and crush her at a game of baseball. It costs 2,000 won/hour per person. If you are particularly cheap but confident, you can tell her loser pays!

It's a Sunday afternoon, but it's not that crowded. I guess everyone's at the PC bang. I was surprised to see mostly young couples in here and almost all of them were playing soccer. They have just about any game you could want to play. Most of the games are in English but some are in Japanese. Don't worry, the ajushi will help you get started. I wish there was a place like this in Nowehere-dong. I stopped buying console systems and computer games as I get so addicted that I can't stop playing, especially RPG games. But here I could just stop in and play for an hour or two and leave.


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