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11 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - On my Desk

Let's see what we have here. My remote, which I use to flip through my 3 English channels several hundred times a day, an English dictionary for kids which I use to study Korean, an English-Korean dictionary, a Korean phrase book, another book called "Making Out in Korean" that I borrowed from someone and which has the worst of Korean language in it (swearing, fighting, and love-making phrases that would surely get anyone smacked in the face), a bottle opener for beer, aspirin for the next morning, cold medicine, a lovely letter I saved from my boss warning that if I miss work he will deduct it from my pay, an old newspaper which I set food on (my desk is also my dinner table), a container of pepper, my empty wallet, a roll of toilet paper, of course, and a few other items I can't make out.

Some other things that I keep on my desk:

It's November. It's cold. But this is Korea and mosquitos are still out in full force. Here is F-Killer. I must have killed a hundred-and-fifty mosquitos with this can, not to mention a few flies and about 30 cockroaches. Cockroaches come in through holes beneath the hallway screens then walk into my apartment at night through the space under my door. Thanks Korean contruction design team!

Inevetibaly I get bitten at least 2 or 3 times a week, usually in the middle of the night. This roll-on stuff stops the itch pretty quickly. Like F-killer, it's a must have for anyone living in Korea.

A box of "Ode" cake bars. Nothing like processed cake. Yum!

It's hard to find deoderant in Korea and, if you do find it, it's expensive. Koreans don't use it, and except ocassionally at the health club, I never notice anyone's body odor. However, I notice mine, so I had my family send me some. Thanks for the dollar store brand, Mom.


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