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5 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Events

All sorts of companies in Korea stage what they call "events." They are public promotions for their goods and services. I've always found them a little silly, but a lot of Korean people really enjoy them. They usually involve some kind of demonstration and a free sample gift, or a gift for signing up for some service or other. I was half tempted to take part in a Pepsi Event one day for a free can of Lemon Pepsi, but the line was much too long.

Here's a pic of some kind of bizarre SMEX brand clothing event sent in by a kind reader. This show looks pretty ridiculous yet somewhat funny. I can't imagine how stupid those workers must feel. However, they are probably used to this sort of thing. They likely work for a promotional agency. Perhaps tomorrow they will be in grocery stores shouting into megaphones to promote peanut butter and the next day in sexy clothes dancing in front of a bar.


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