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5 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - What's on TV? (1)

I was pretty bored this afternoon. Let's see what was on TV. I took some pics of the screen to show you. While the camera made the reception look all distorted, you can get the idea.

Some kind of Korean puppet show about history. Looks pretty exciting.

A cooking show on Arirang. This is the only station to watch Korean shows with English subtitles. I don't feel like waiting while he "prepares the meat," however.

Is it me, or is this kind of performance always on TV? Lots of weird singing and drum banging.

I have at least 5 home shopping channels. Who sits at home and orders meat off the TV?

Another shopping channel. This time bedding is for sale. I like Korean bedding, but I don't like watching commercials in Korean about it.

Great. Another soap opera is on AFN (American Forces Network). I usually watch this channel at night. They run "Jay Leno" and "David Letterman." Most Koreans hate Jay Leno after he made fun of that Korean skater that got the shaft in the Winter Olympics. "He was so angry he went home and kicked his dog," was the joke. Personally I think he'spretty funny. I can't get enough of those headlines.

I ended up reading a book. That's the good thing about not having much of a selection on the tube, you aren't glued to the set all day.


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