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6 November 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - A New Poll (4)

There's a new, exciting poll to vote on. Here are the results of the last pole, now deleted.

what makes you happiest?

pay day at last! assa! 26 (22%)
no tipping 12 (10%)
my korean lover/spouse 21 (17%)
my job 0 (0%)
korean food 6 (5%)
im not in my home country 5 (4%)
korea 8 (6%)
im never happy 3 (2%)
im only happy when im drunk 10 (8%)
korea life blog updated! assa! 27 (22%)

It was a pretty tight race between pay day and my blog updated. It's nice to know that an equal number of people feel just as good to see my blog updated as they do to get a huge wad of Korean won! Thanks everyone.


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