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28 October 2003
South Korean Flag

Korea Life Blog - Summer and Winter

In Korea there are four seasons - technically. However, having lived here for several years, I can attest that there are really two seasons: summer and winter. Just about a month ago I was coming home in sweat, wearing a T-shirt. Fall came and just as quickly fall went. There were about 4 weeks of ideal weather. Starting last week the temperature has dropped day by day. Tonight I'm wearing a heavy sweater and a jacket, the wind is whipping, it's plain cold.

I snapped this picture outside my window today. Actually, that's a total lie. I stole this picture off the net. It hasn't started snowing. And when it does, it won't be anything like back in New York. But it gets equally as cold here. Good thing my apartment is warm. However, we only have space heaters in the school which is a real drag and my boss is a stickler about not using them until it's absolutely necessary. It was cold all day.


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