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27 October 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Adultery

I ain't beem sleeping with no ajumma! I swear, by golly!

When I was looking for the article in the paper today about 10 more foreign teachers here being arrested on drug charges, I came across an EFL Korea law website. One of the specific crimes to be aware of is adultery:

Korea is one of the few countries on earth that has adultery laws on the books that are enforced. I have only known of foreign men to be prosecuted for this, not women. If you are caught sleeping with someone's wife, you may have to pay the outraged husband thousands of dollars to prevent him from taking you to court. If he does choose to prosecute, article 241 of Korean law states you can face a jail term of up to two years.
Under Korean law, adultery is a serious criminal act and carries a serious consequences. If one spouse is caught having an adulterous affair with let's say an unmarried 25-year, single person, the other spouse can press a criminal charge against the adulterous spouse and put the spouse in jail, in addition to seeking civil damages. In addition, the spouse can press criminal charge against the person who knowingly had an affair with the adulterous spouse. (Therefore, if you are a single, you should avoid sexual relations with a married person at all costs.) A majority of Korean women favor keeping this law on adultery precisely because they perceive that this law could be used as a weapon against their husbands in divorce

I guess I'm doing the right thing avoiding the ajumma who misses the touch of warm hands and a hard body.

I'm not exactly sure how foreigners have gotten caught doing this? Are they caught red handed in the act? I wonder if one can get arrested based on accusation alone. It's best to avoid getting in any trouble in a foreign country. Based on what my friend told me about being in jail here, that's the last place on Earth anyone wants to be. My advice for the day: don't get overly friendly with any married women in Korea...and don't even think about taking drugs.


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