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28 October 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Wonderland

Yet one more reason not to work at Wonderland. Read this article:

Koreans jail Canadian on dubious ground

You can also read the discussion thread here: ESL Cafe Thread

This article reminds me of the time my friend John quit his job at Megaton hagwon in Ulsan (don't ever work there!). The owner was outraged and I believe spiteful (they never got on well because they treated John differently as he was Australian - paid him less, made him work more hours, and encouraged him to speak American English). The boss claimed he found drugs at John's apartment while cleaning it and called the police. I'm not sure what he found, but my friend John did not take drugs and if he did, he was far too smart to leave anything behind like that. Luckily for John, he had already left the country for Thailand. However, when I informed him online of the situation he realized he could never come back to Korea for fear of being arrested and locked up. He ended up staying in Thailand and becoming a professor there. As for me, I ended up getting tested for drugs by the police for the simple reason I was his good friend. Needless to say I passed, but I was sweating bullets for the entire way through realizing how easy it would be for them to frame me.

OK, I just got a referral to this article:

Canadians caught in drug crackdown, not job scam

No matter what the outcome is, I advise anyone not to work at Wonderland (especially in Geoje-do) and more importantly I advise everyone not to even think about doing drugs in Korea. Nothing has changed about that.