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7 October 2003
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Korea Life Blog - Geoje-do Wonderland

I still get e-mails asking me if I know about the Wonderland in Geoje-do. It seems they are in need of teachers again. Yes, I do know about that place. In my Geoje-do stories, I changed the name to Wonder School. I strongly advise anyone to seek employment elsewhere. The school was horrendous and still is. Here are recent e-mails I've gotten:

I don't know how the
school is going to operate when I leave Saturday. They have about 180
students. The school is open until 9.05 mon, weds, fri. Nightmare schedule.
Normally they would have three Korean teachers, two foreigners. At the
moment she has two foreigners, a Korean university student (illegal)
and a part timer for the mornings. We are doing loads of overtime.


One Korean English teacher handed in her notice to leave today (P driving her crazy). Another one told me she's going to leave in August. The other teacher (of 3) had a massive row with P [owner's wife] today. I don't think he will last much longer. He offered to be replaced today. She avoided a situation there. He was pissed off because she said his lessons are generally boring. He went mad . She's not talking to me at the moment. Don't know what I've done this time . P hasn't mellowed, that's for sure. We got hit with an electricity bill for 124,000 each today . What can one do? Rip-off man. We didn't use the heating, and we haven't seen the Korean bill either.
I'd like another job in Korea when this one finishes, but where is there anything half-decent? Apart from Wonder land, what other schools are best avoided? (I gave you website address to the teacher who is leaving, she said she would like to leave a message on it)
I will blacklist this school when i leave, that's a certainty.

I'm posting this so that people can avoid what others including me have gone through. So many teachers end up quitting there after a few months and returning to their home country convinced that Korea is awful. Korea can be a wonderful place if you have a decent job, but it can be a nightmare if you get the wrong one. Make sure you do your research beforehand.


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